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Heritage Tourism: “Experience the places, artefacts, and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present” (National Trust For Historic Preservation, 2008)

The Ring of Brodgar, one of the stones is at the left forefront of the image and 5 stones behind.

Explore Scotland

Discover the history and heritage of Scotland as I explore my home in Edinburgh, and sites around the country.

Emily sits crossed legged on a pier at the edge of a loch, which reflects the trees surrounding her

Emily – The Heritage Tourist

As an archaeologist, I love to explore the history and heritage of different places. I enjoy discovering new places, near and far, connecting with their pasts and sharing these stories through my writing and photography. As an Edinburgh local, I love discovering hidden gems in the city, as well as exploring further afield.

Travel The World

From excavations in Italy to holidays in Greece, explore different countries with me, with city guides, food histories and travel tips.

Emily sitting on a wall in front of Trulli in Alberobello

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Explore New Places in New Ways

Connect with the heritage and histories of different places through historic sites, museums, food and more…

Naples Food Guide

Naples Food Guide

The birthplace of Neapolitan pizza and famous for its pasta, ragu and mozzarella. Discover the heritage behind some of Naples famous dishes.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens

The Horniman Museum

Explore the collections in the Horniman Museums and Gardens. A unique museum, with a taxidermy gallery, aquarium and butterfly garden. 

John Knox house on the Royal Mile

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

The historic heart of Edinburgh, and steeped in history, the Royal Mile is filled with sites to visit – from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace.



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