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Visiting The White Cliffs of Dover

“There’ll be blue birds over, The white cliffs of Dover”. The words of Vera Lynn immediately spring to mind when I think of The White Cliffs of Dover. A landmark of the English Channel, the white cliffs are a must see for anyone visiting Kent.

Top Things To Do in Durham

Steeped in history, Durham city is characterised by its Cathedral and the University. The city is a perfect size for a weekend get away, with plenty of local restaurants and shops, and history sites that explore the history of Durham and beyond. Find out the top things to do in Durham here.

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Walk Dalmeny Estate, Edinburgh

Just a short drive from Edinburgh is Dalmeny Estate. The land stretches across to the Firth of Forth, with sandy beaches to walk along. The views extend across to Fife, and back to Edinburgh, where the familiar outline of Arthur’s seat is still visible. A quiet path weaves through the estate, leading you from the shadow of the Forth Rail Bridge to the village of Cramond, passing through woodland, beaches and even a castle. Dalmeny House sits proud in the manicured landscape, a grand family home that commands attention from visitors to the estate. Learn about the Dalmeny Estate and how to visit in this post!

The Palm House, Copenhagen

Escape into a tropical wonderland at the Palm House in Copenhagen. The Botanic Gardens in Copenhagen are filled with beautiful plants, with stunning greenhouses to explore tropical climates. Lose yourself in the tropical paradise and dare yourself to climb the twirling cast iron staircase of the Palm House.

Walk Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

The iconic backdrop of Edinburgh, visible throughout the city, Arthur’s seat stands proud. This extinct volcano is in the heart of the city and a popular place for hill walkers, tourists and locals. From the top, you get spectacular views across the city of Edinburgh to the Firth of Forth.

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