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Visiting The White Cliffs of Dover

“There’ll be blue birds over, The white cliffs of Dover”. The words of Vera Lynn immediately spring to mind when I think of The White Cliffs of Dover. A landmark of the English Channel, the white cliffs are a must see for anyone visiting Kent.

Top Things To Do in Durham

Steeped in history, Durham city is characterised by its Cathedral and the University. The city is a perfect size for a weekend get away, with plenty of local restaurants and shops, and history sites that explore the history of Durham and beyond. Find out the top things to do in Durham here.

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Tantallon Castle

Just a short coastal walk from North Berwick lies the imposing ruins of Tantallon Castle. Sitting on the edge of the coast, with Bass Rock and the Firth of Forth as a backdrop, Tantallon Castle is a stunning historic site that should be visited by anyone in East Lothian.

Staycation | Pitlochry, Scotland

Whilst travel abroad is still restricted, the key word being typed into google this summer is ‘staycation’. This summer is an opportunity to explore the local and regional spots that have usually been neglected in favour of sun. A holiday in Scotland can offer the fun and adventure of a holiday abroad, and provides stunning backdrops to explore. James and I substituted our hopes visiting Maltese temples in favour of a 2 hour bus to Pitlochry. Here’s my holiday guide to the best things to see and do in Pitlochry, Scotland.

Heritage at Home | Virtual Tours of Archaeological Sites

sites from public visits. I know I can’t be the only person who’s missing visiting museums and heritage sites at the weekends. I always feel relaxed and happy when I’m wandering through a gallery, having a nosey at artefacts, or discovering local history. With the UK in lockdown, museums and historic sites & properties have had to shut their doors. Not one to miss a trick, many of the museums and cultural institutions have put their collections, archives and sites on show for us digitally, so you can experience the heritage for yourself at home. 

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