Climb Mount Vesuvius

The iconic Mount Vesuvius can be seen across the Bay of Naples. An icon of Campania, the presence and impact of the volcano can be felt around the region. Famous for its devastating destruction of Pompeii in AD79, climbing Mount Vesuvius will feel like you’ve conquered something. At the top, you get incredible panoramic views of the Bay of Naples – no trip to the Bay of Naples is complete without climbing Mount Vesuvius.

I’ve now climbed Mount Vesuvius on two of my trips to Naples, both trips have been with the Ercolano Express. I’ve written all about how to climb Mount Vesuvius, as well as answering some of the most searched for questions, to fully prepare you for your climb!

Mount Vesuvius from the forum of Pompeii in Naples

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Climbing Mount Vesuvius With Eroclano Express!

To climb Mount Vesuvius, we decided to join a shuttle bus, from Herculaneum – right outside Eroclano Station (meaning you can fit a visit to the site in after climbing to the summit). We joined a small bus load of people, and the bus took us up the winding road to the crater. We were given plenty of time to make the final climb to the summit (around 90 minutes) and walk around the crater, and then walk back down the path to the bus.

From the bus / car park, there is still a steep climb, which is exhausting in the Italian sun. Some of this involves climbing wooden stairs, and although the path is quite wide, it can be very busy in the height of summer. The path is very dusty and rubbly, meaning it can be hard at times to get your footing – definitely wear sensible shoes!

Climb the slope of Mount Vesuvius

Although a difficult initial climb, the path then flattens out nearing the crater, and there are some stalls to buy pieces of lava and postcards, as well as a bar! You are then able to walk around most of the crater (a wooden fence marks the point you should walk beyond).

There are plenty of opportunities to stop and look into the massive crater left – it’s at these points that I really reflected on the massive scale of the AD79 eruption.

The crater of Mount Vesuvius, Bay of Naples

Check out the Vesuvio Express website here – you can purchase tickets at the shop, although you may have a small wait for the next bus. Buses leave every 30 minutes, although be sure to check closing times, as the last tour leaves mid afternoon.

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How Much Does Vesuvio Express Cost?

The shuttle bus cost €20 per person, which included the return journey, as well as the entrance fee to the crater. I’d say this was good value for money, and well worth the trip!

Climb Mount Vesuvius, Naples

How Much Does it Cost to View The Crater?

At the summit of Mount Vesuvius, there is a toll. These will usually be included in the price of your ticket, if you’re joining a tour / bus group. If you’ve visited the crater by yourself (by car, stopping at the earlier car park) there is a €10 charge.

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At the top of Mount Vesuvius

Is Mount Vesuvius Extinct?

No, Mount Vesuvius is not an extinct, and is still an active volcano. The volcano is continually monitored for any changes in activity, meaning that there would be plenty of time to evacuate the area should any changes occur.

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Climb Mount Vesuvius, Naples

Is it safe to Climb Mount Vesuvius?

Yes! Even though Mount Vesuvius is still an active volcano, it is still safe to climb it, and it won’t suddenly erupt whilst you’re up there. As I’ve said, the volcano is continually monitored, so scientists can predict if an eruption were going to occur.

It is difficult to climb Mount Vesuvius from the base though, and there are the constant dangers of rock falls etc. The path can be hard to access, and is often blocked, therefore its much safer and easier to climb Vesuvius with a tour group or car!

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Day Trips to Climb Mount Vesuvius

There are many tour groups that offer excursions to climb Mount Vesuvius, which can include trips to Pompeii and Herculaneum. These set off from Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Rome and more!

Would you climb Mount Vesuvius on your visit to the Bay of Naples?


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15 thoughts on “Climb Mount Vesuvius

  1. We climbed Mount Vesuvius when we stayed in Sorrento many years ago but sadly it wasn’t good weather at the top, it was shrouded in mists 😦 I still have a little piece of lava rock as a memento though and I’d love to go back again one day!


  2. What an amazing place to visit. It sounds as though it was a bit of a calorie burner on the way up, but so worth the climb for the views. The crater looks absolutely enormous. I like the sound of the bar on the climb up!


  3. This sounds like such an amazing experience! It sounds completely unlike anything I’ve ever done before but I can only imagine how incredible the views are – I’ll have to find a group tour when I’m in Italy! Thank you so much for sharing x


  4. What an awesome and amazing achievement to have done this! It must have been an amazing experience too. You have taken some great photographs. Thank you for sharing your experience. Have a great month!
    Lauren – bournemouthgirl x


  5. This sounds amazing. I’ve never been to Naples, but it’s definitely somewhere I’d like to go. I’d love to climb mount Vesuvius. Things like this are so worth it for the views that you get. I can’t believe there’s a bar up there 😂


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