The Palm House, Copenhagen

Escape into a tropical wonderland at the Palm House in Copenhagen. The Botanic Gardens in Copenhagen are filled with beautiful plants, with stunning greenhouses to explore tropical climates. Lose yourself in the tropical paradise and dare yourself to climb the twirling cast iron staircase of the Palm House.

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The Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are a wide area of greenery and trees, near the centre of Copenhagen. Its the perfect place to spend time wandering along the different paths, through the more than 13,000 species of plants and trees. In the centre is a pond, where you can sit on the jetty and watch as the ducks glide across the water. Dotted around the garden are replicas of ancient statues.

The gardens came to its current location in 1870 (having already moved location twice since its creation in 1600). Its historic design will take you through different climate zones, exploring rock gardens and shrubberies.

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The Palm House

The spectacular greenhouses are not to be missed. The 27 greenhouses sit at the edge of the gardens, and sparkle in the sun, tempting you indoors to explore. Certainly, on a cold February afternoon, the temptation of humidity and stuffy warmth from inside was impossible to resist.

The Palm house - greenhouse in the botanic gardens Copenhagen

Entering the greenhouses, you’re guided through a canopy of tropical leaves. The plants extend to the ceiling so that with every glance, you see green. Walking through the series of smaller glass houses brings you into the main building – the great glass Palm House. Hidden amongst the trees are small streams and rock pools, and you’re surrounded by the sound of croaking frogs.

In the smaller glass houses below the Palm House is a series of rooms filled with cacti, and where I finally laid my eyes on the tiny red bodies of the vocal frogs.

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The Greenhouse Staircase

The Heritage Tourist on the staircase at the Palm House greenhouse Botanical Garden Copenhagen

Amongst the trees of the Palm House, you’ll discover the stunning cast iron staircases, which twirl their way to a balcony. The iron balcony skirts around the edge of the greenhouse, brushing the tops of the magnificent trees. The staircase dates to 1874, and is 16m tall. Climbing the staircase, although a daunting thought, gives you access to a magical view above the greenery. You can then walk (or balance whilst gripping onto the handrail, like I did) around the viewing platform, and look out over the tropical paradise below, or peak at the grounds of the Botanic Garden through the glass.

Check out my reel on instagram where I take you up the staircase and show the incredible views across the Palm House!

Where to find the Palm House

The Palm House is located in the Botanic Gardens in Copenhagen. The Botanic Gardens are easy to find, just a short walk down the road from Nørreport Station.

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How much does it cost to visit the Palm House

Whilst entrance to the Botanic Gardens are free, there is a small fee to enter the Palm House. Tickets are 60DKK for adults, and include entrance to the Butterfly House during summer months. I paid 10DKK extra and got a combined ticket, which allowed me entrance into the nearby Natural History Museum (on the edge of the Botanic Gardens), as well as the Zoology Museum (a 30 minute walk from the Botanics).

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Would you be brave enough to climb the staircase in the Palm House?


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16 thoughts on “The Palm House, Copenhagen

  1. Ooh I love this! Copenhagen has been on my bucket list for a while now and The Palm House looks absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe it has 27 greenhouses – that’s insane – and the staircase looks stunning if a little terrifying! Thank you so much for sharing x


  2. I remember visiting the botanical garden when visiting Copenhagen. We didn’t do the palm house though. Nice to see the inside with this blog post.


  3. We have never been to Copenhagen, but we definitely want to go. This place looks so cool, and it might have just made one of our to-dos when we do go. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Oh my goodness, as a gardener this is my idea of heaven! Such a fabulous array of plants to take inspiration from, and that staircase is just stunning, perfect for photos. Also, how cute is that tiny frog? If I’m ever in Copenhagen, this will be top of my visit list, thank you!


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